(1) The customer bears the cost of shipping the products, and shipping is done through companies approved by the store (such as DHL, ARAMEX), and the store sometimes offers free shipping on some products (and this will be explicitly announced on the product page), and the store offers Free shipping for products over 399 SAR.

(2) Orders are processed within 3 to 5 working days, and then the products are shipped to the customer within 7 to 14 working days.

(3) The customer undertakes to keep the electronic payment receipts that may be requested from him during the delivery of the products to him, and he undertakes to sign the receipt of receipt of the product.

(4) The customer is obligated to pay for the products he ordered (if he did not pay by electronic means) in addition to the freight (if any) as soon as the products are received upon delivery.

(5) The customer undertakes to check the products before signing for receipt from the shipping representative, and acknowledges that his signature on receipt is conclusive evidence that the products are free of any apparent defects such as damage, breakage and defects.

(6) The store is not responsible in facing the customer for the delay in delivery of products in the event of any emergency circumstance beyond its control such as force majeure, for example, but not limited to floods, storms, acts of war, public events ... etc.

(7) In the event that the Store delays delivery of the Products sold due to force majeure such that it becomes apparent that the delivery of the sold Products is not possible on the specified delivery date, the Store shall herein immediately inform the Customer of those circumstances and provide the Customer with a new delivery date.

(8) During the delay period, the customer's responsibilities regarding payment shall cease until the force majeure circumstances are resolved, and after the force majeure circumstances are resolved, the customer's payment obligations shall be completed.

(9) The customer undertakes to treat the freight representative well, and bears all legal responsibility for any personal mistakes made by him against the freight representative, and the store disclaims responsibility for any personal errors committed by the freight representative against the customer.

(10) In the event that the customer refuses to receive the products from the shipping representative despite their conformity to the declared specifications, here the customer is deemed to have received the products voluntarily, and he is obligated to pay for the shipping process amicably or judicially.

(11) Products are shipped from our warehouse in Hong Kong, after they receive us there and are checked by our specialized staff, and are shipped only after ensuring their quality, authenticity and conformity with specifications

(12) The customer shall abide by the store's shipping policy, which may change from time to time.


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20 jul 2022